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I would like to accumulate discount for each other variation (color) of the one product separately, but I don’t understand how to do so.
For example: I have a product – Jacket N1 in 2 colors: blue (SKU 123-blue) and green (SKU 123-green). I want to give a discount for each 5 in one color. If my client buy 5 blue jackets he get a discount 5%, or if he buy 5 green jackets he get 5% discount, BUT if he buy 2 green and 3 blue jackets he get nothing discount.

I created the rules for each group of color variation that is blue (SKU 123-blue) and green (SKU 123-green) to separate them, but in the rule “product” field I can choose only product or ID and it takes a huge time! Some products have for about 600 variations!

I have a possibility to make the same SKU for one group of variation in one product: for example, all blue Jackets N1 will have an SKU “123-blue”. Could you make some code that let me choose general variation SKU (123-blue) in “product” field of the price rule, please?

I hope it is more clear now 🙂

Kind regards,