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    The interface is still confusing, when someone buy 2 products receive 1 free (pretty cool) but, if buy another 2 receive another gift…the customer has to choose the gifts and here is the problem, the interface is pretty simple, just showing a text field with a very small number (anything highlight the gifts chosen, even a different color, or different size of the number…)
    Do you have examples, css?? I was looking for but I didnt find any



    Your theme overrides the image width. You can fix it with this css:

    .woocommerce-cart table.cart .wjecf-select-free-products img { width: auto; }

    You might use a hover effect to make it clearer what image and textbox belong together.

    ul.wjecf-cols > li:hover { background: #ccc; }

    Design related stuff is not really my expertise, you better ask your designer for more improvements.


    But users buy the plugging because supposedly is easy to use and customize.
    I dont have any programmer or designer. I am the designer and the programmer, if I was a woo commerce expert I would not buy pluggings, believe me. So, where do I have to add the code?
    And really you don’t have any example ???


    You can apply the css from Appearance > Customize > Addditional css.

    To clarify: Our plugin is designed to be as clean as possible out of the box without bells and whistles. Unfortunately your theme overrides some of the css of our plugin. This is something we can’t foresee for every theme out there. That’s why I provide you with some pointers to get it back to the way it’s designed by us.

    If you want other fancy details; like the different color and size; that’s beyond the scope of our support.

    We made it very easy to override the output by using template overrides by coping template files into YOUR_CHILD_THEME/woocommerce-auto-added-coupons/ in the same fashion as WooCommerce does this, but this requires some php/html/css knowledge.

    I noticed one issue though; auto submitting isn’t working for the number-inputs that you use; I will provide a fix for this soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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