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    Omar Cortes

    Hello I am using free products feature and it is displaying and working great in the checkout and cart page but the tittle that shows the user to select a free product is only showing in cart page, i need it in checkout page too. how i can achieve that?
    my website is and there need to be atleast 20k and this product on cart.

    I need help asap please!


    Hi Omar,

    Do you mean the title ¡Puedes elegir un producto de regalo! ?

    It’s hidden by the following css rule on your site:

    /* esconder titulo checkout */
    .wcf-embed-checkout-form .woocommerce h3, .wcf-embed-checkout-form .woocommerce h3 span, .wcf-embed-checkout-form .woocommerce-checkout #order_review_heading {
    	display: none;}
    Omar Cortes

    Thank you! i forgot i had that css rule on my site to hide another title.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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