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    Kenneth A Gagne

    I have one coupon (“gsoft basic”) set to automatically apply when a particular product is added to the cart; it adds a specific other product to the cart for free. Works great!

    I have another coupon (“CYBERJUICE21”) that’s available when a customer spends at least $10 from a specific category; they can then choose a free product. Works great!

    But “gsoft basic” applies to a product in the same category that “CYBERJUICE21” applies to. When the customer purchases that product, “gsoft basic” automatically applies, as it should. But if the customer then tries to apply “CYBERJUICE21”, they get the message “Coupon ‘cyberjuice21’ will be applied when its conditions are met.”

    Neither coupon is set for “Individual use only”, yet I’ve confirmed the problem goes away and “CYBERJUICE21” works correctly if the “gsoft basic” coupon is unpublished.

    tl;dr: Can two free product coupons apply to the same purchase?


    This *should* work. Please (temporarily) disable ‘allow applying when invalid’ so a more informative error message will be displayed explaining why the coupon doesn’t apply. Can you send me both coupon settings?

    Kenneth A Gagne

    Ah! Thank you. The more informative error message helped me realize the free product being added to the cart by the “gsoft basic” coupon conflicted with the usage restrictions for “CYBERJUICE21”. Enabling “Allow discount on cart with excluded items” was the fix.

    Thanks! Case closed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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