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    Hello, I was sent to the purchased file in the file name of the additional dipped ZIP_datei Pro on, not later, so I wonder, I really have the PRO version installed ??

    Then I also had Bulk Discount in use that do not seem to like each other. Have there been deactivated.

    The following problem: 2 variations of the shop article, when you select the more expensive the price list would be updated, but it is only after entering an order quantity, wenns it’s too late to be.Problemartikel im shop


    Hello, I have the strong suspicion that it is the pro version with the software sent NOT !!
    eg missing the overview page for WooCommerce.

    Best regards



    I deleted the plugin, reinstalled it from the file named …pro…,
    after that I took some scrennfotos, please look, if this is the pro-version. I think it is NOT!

    Best Regards

    Pro or not Pro, thats the question


    Here the file-details:

    files in the web


    Hello kunsthausschwanheide,

    you are right. Later today I will send you the PRO version. I missed to pack some files of the PRO version. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

    It is true that the Bulk plugin and my plugin don’t like eachother, as they both try to achieve the same goal, overwriting prices.


    I updated the download. Now it really is the PRO version.


    Oh sorry, but I think it is NOT the pro-version I loaded from the web V 1.24.
    There is no name “pro” in the plugin-titel and i miss the following functions:
    (PRO) Bulk pricing rules for multiple products
    (PRO) Bulk pricing rules for certain categories
    (PRO) Bulk pricing rules for combinations of products
    The entry “all price rules” at the woocommerce-menue is missing!


    Please use the download link on your account page.


    I am very sorry but I cannot see any download link in my account, please send it via email.


    Thanks a lot for the new pro-version you sent per mail, it is working fine yet.



    Would you please leave a review on the WordPress site?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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