Cart links for WooCommerce

Allows the shop manager to create urls that will redirect the customer to a fully populated cart.

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“Cart links for WooCommerce” allows the shop manager to create urls that will redirect the customer to a fully populated cart. This is extremely useful for email campaigns or call to action buttons. If the customer already has items in the cart, they will be kept.

The shop manager can easily create the url by populating his own shopping cart, the cart url will be displayed on the cart page. The shop manager can copy this to the clipboard and paste anywhere he would like to

The url looks like this:,2×44 This url will populate the cart with 1x item with id 12, and 2x item with id 44.

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Car links for WooCommerce

Great plugin

By (dvelguru) on November 21, 2018

Simple and straight to the point plugin that does exactly what is needed. Linking to a pre-populated shopping cart allowing for perfect use with marketing campaigns.

Awesome, Very Creative & Super Useful

By holdenhinkle on March 28, 2018

This is an awesome plugin. Very creative. Great for marketing and CTAs to get products into a cart.

Very useful!

By weffenson on January 9, 2018

I'm really enjoying the plugin! really very useful!!

Super idea

By jurasjo on July 14, 2018

I love this small plugin. Makes selling bulk product super easy.

OMG! Such a Creative Plugin Developer :)

By Manjunathpmf on January 21, 2017

This man thinks totally out of the box. His plugins are soo cool. Loved each one of them. Hope more such plugins will come. Thank you!

Exactly what I needed and not more

By marijke_25 on September 12, 2016

I did some research and found most cart-filling plugins are way too complex. Cart-links is simple and straight forward. I can use cart links to make bundles. So soon I will remove my bundles plugin. We always have problems with that one if one of the products is out of stock. And cart-links give you a warning if a product is not on stock, but the cart get filled with the other products. Hey, that's great! And also great support :)

Works like a charm

By BClifton (omegadm) on September 3, 2016

I use the manual method:

and it work perfectly :)

(Note you may have an issue seeing the link to use in your theme)

Does what it says!

By nichelead on September 3, 2016

Another great plugin from a great developer!