Expiry Dates for WooCommerce

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Add expiration dates or 'best before'-dates to your perishable products.
Includes stock management for products with expiry date.

Purchase includes one year of updates and support.


Add expiration date or 'best before'-date to your perishable products.

  • Possible to have multiple expiry dates per product. Oldest products will be sold first.
  • Automatically hide items from stock when they expire (or a customizable amount of days before or after)
  • Present expiry date to the customer on the product detail page, cart page and/or on the delivery note (fully customizable).
  • Get an overview of products in stock that are about to expire.


Changelog: Expiry Dates for WooCommerce

Set expiry dates for product

It's extremely easy to set expiry dates for products. In the Inventory section of the Edit Product page of your store input fields will be added where you can select the type of expiry date (Best Before, Expiration Date, ...) and the date.

If stock is managed for the product you can even enter multiple expiry dates and the amount of products in stock for every date. This is very useful if you have products from different batches in store. Products with the oldest expiry date will be sold first.

Once a product is overdue, the customer can't place the item in his shopping cart. This behaviour can be customized for every type of expiry date.

Expiry rule for product with two expiry dates

Present expiry dates to the customer

The expiry dates can be presented to the customer on different occasions:

  • On the product detail page while the customer is shopping
  • On the cart and checkout page when the customer reviews the order
  • In the confirmation email that the customer receives after placing the order

Quick overview of expiring products

The WP-Admin Products table can be filtered and ordered by the expiry date. This way the shop manager has a quick overview of the products that have expired, or are about to expire. The expiry date of overdue products will be displayed in bold red. Expiry dates of products that passed the best before date but that are still purchasable will be displayed in orange.

Overview of the WP-Admin products page with expiry dates

Change the behaviour of expiry rules

You can customize the behaviour of the different expiry rules.

For example if a product has an "Expiration date", the product can  be purchased until 14 days before it expires while a product with a "Best Before date" can be purchased until 7 days after it expires.

Support for CSV Import / Export

Use WooCommerce's built-in import and export functionality to easily adjust the expiry dates and quantities for many products at once.

Spreadsheet with rows of products and their stock quantities and expiry dates