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Katja Mosbach

Hi! Thank you once again!

I’ve done as said – but it still adds 12 free products rather than just on 1 free/12.
Also as soon you have 12 in the cart or more, for example 14 it adds 14 free products.
And then also if you add another totally different product, just like 1, to the cart of the 14 then it counts the same in the cart – adding a 1 free product/1 product. So you end up with 14product + 14free + 1another product +1 free another product = 30 products in the cart in total.

My settings are:
General: Fixed product discount
Usage Restrictions: Ticked: Cant combine with other discunts / Cant be applied on sale / Minimum quantity of matching products: 12
Usage Limits: Limit discount to every nth item
Free Products: Ticked: BOGO matching products / Allow multiplication of the free products
Otherwise only ticked Auto coupon.

Is that what effs it up? Or does the code snippet need adjustment?

Please let me know <3