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This is where I started to get confused… it was working on all orders up until 3pm.

To walk through this coupons life…

It went Live at 00:00 on Wednesday 27th.
All orders that qualified the minimum spend after this time up until 15:00 on Thursday 28th had this coupon in the order! I’ve come in today at 08:30 (Friday 1st) and found the coupon to be in an expired state, as expected. As of right now, the coupon is live without expiry and is working fine, but I did that manually this morning.

This issue is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! The question is though, what caused it?

I spoke to Automattic, they said that it is the Extended Coupons PRO plugin that allows auto coupons and they advised to investgate the plugin…

What is interesting in all this, I created a new coupon this morning (offering no discounts, just something to try) and it worked perfectly, as expected, as coupons have been working for us up until last night!
The logs of the server, WooCommerce and every other aspect of the site have been checked, there is nothing there that could explain this behaviour.

We have abandoned/cancelled orders though from people who have got in touch, so the issue is 100% having an impact on more than 1 customer…

We checked cache too but the cart and checkout pages are excluded from that and those are the only pages on our store that we allow the coupon to appear. – Again, this morning when I created a test coupon, all worked perfectly fine! I, myself haven’t been able to replicate, but I can see the evidence from our customers that something went wrong.

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