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Extended coupon and discount functionality for WooCommerce. This plugin is used in more than 20,000 stores worldwide!

Purchase includes one year of updates and support. When the licence expires the product will continue to work, but automatic updates will no longer work.

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"WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features" is an easy-to-use WordPress / WooCommerce plugin that adds functionality to the WooCommerce coupon system.

The functionality is conveniently integrated to the standard WooCommerce Edit Coupon panel therefore the plugin is extremely easy to use. Tested with WordPress versions up to 5.2 and WooCommerce versions up to 3.6.3.


Changelog: WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features


Free Pro
WooCommerce core coupon options
Apply discounts automatically
OR/AND product and category operators
Min / max matching product quantity
Min / max matching product subtotal
Restrict by shipping method
Restrict by payment method
Restrict by customer role
Custom fields matching
First purchase only
Give away free products
BOGO matching products (buy one get one)
Limit discount to: every nth item in the cart (E.g. Buy 3 pay 2)
Limit discount to: cheapest item
Auto coupon priorities
Custom error message

What can be achieved with this plugin?

Automatic discounts

Create discounts that will automatically be applied to the customer's cart if certain conditions are met.

Simply configure a coupon as you always would have done and check the box 'Auto Coupon'. The discount will be displayed to the user by the description you enter.

For example: Automatically apply a discount of € 2.50 when the cart reaches € 40.00 as shown in the screenshot.

Give away free products

Create coupons or automatic discounts that will add one or more free products to the customer's cart when the restrictions are met. The product will be showed as a normal cart item, but with 'Free!' instead of the price displayed.

Optionally you can have the customer choose between various free gifts.

Limit discount to certain products only

The 'Limit discount'-option allows you to:

  • Limit only the cheapest item in the cart.
  • Discount every nth item; for example: Every 3rd item 50% discount.
  • Limit discount to only 1 item per order-line.

Extended coupon restrictions

  • Restrict coupon by shipping method,
  • Restrict coupon by payment method,
  • Restrict coupon by customer credentials or customer role
  • Restrict coupon by a combination of products (e.g. buy both A and B and get 20% off!)
  • Restrict coupon by amount of matching products (e.g. buy three products from category C and get a free product!)

Apply coupon using an url

Now you can easily create a link that will automatically apply a coupon to the user's cart, optionally in combination with a product.

Simply append ?apply_coupon=coupon_code to the url. If you also want to add products to the cart with the same url, you can use add-to-cart=product_id and optionally a quantity. Example:


You can find the id of a product on the WooCommerce Products-page.


Example: Auto coupon

Let the customer have a discount of $ 5.00 when the cart reaches $ 50.00.

  1. Create a coupon, let's name it auto_50bucks and enter a short description e.g. $ 50.00 order discount
  2. On the General tab: Select discount type Cart discount, and set the coupon amount to $ 5.00
  3. On the Usage restrictions tab: Set minimum spend to $ 50.00 and check the Auto coupon-box

Voila! The discount will be applied when the customer reaches $ 50.00 and a descriptive message will be shown.

If the restrictions are no longer met, it will silently be removed from the cart.


Example: Free gift

Let the customer choose a free gift if he purchases 2 or more items.

  1. Create a coupon, let's name it auto_free_gift and enter a short description e.g. Free gift!
  2. On the Usage restrictions tab: Set minimum quantity of matching products to: 2
  3. On the Free Products tab: Enter the free products the customer may choose from and tick the box 'Customer must select'
  4. On the Miscellaneous tab: Tick the box 'Auto coupon'

Now when the cart contains 2 or more items the customer can choose a free gift on the cart or checkout page.

Example: Apply coupon via an URL

Apply coupon through an url like this:

  1. Use the url http://www.example.com/url-to-shop?apply_coupon=my_coupon

Voila! Any coupon can be applied this way.

Check 'Allow applying when invalid' to allow the customer to apply a coupon while the conditions are not yet met. If the customer opens the url when the conditions of the coupon are not yet met or the cart is empty the coupon won't be applied, instead the a message will be displayed: e.g. "Coupon will be applied once it's conditions are met". This message can be changed. Once the conditions are met the coupon will be applied automatically.

Example: Every 3rd item 50% off

The option 'Limit discount to:' offers a wide range of discounting options. This example shows you how to apply a 50% discount to every 3rd item in the cart:

  1. Create a coupon with Discount type 'Percentage discount' coupon with a discount value of 50%
  2. Set 'Minimum amount of matching products' to 3
  3. Set 'Limit discount to' to 'Every nth item'
  4. Optionally check the box 'Auto coupon' if the discount must be applied without the use of a coupon code.

The Edit Coupon page

The following screenshot shows what features will be added to the Edit Coupon page by this plugin:


How do I upgrade FREE to PRO?
  1. Purchase the PRO version and download it from your account page
  2. Go to the wp-admin dashboard of your site
  3. Go to Plugins
  4. Deactivate and remove the FREE version of the plugin (don’t worry, no data will be deleted)
  5. Go to Plugins – Add new
  6. Click ‘Upload plugin’, upload the downloaded .zip file and click install
  7. Activate the plugin
Where is the documentation?


Here it is.

Why is the cart not updated after changing the billing email address?

By default WooCommerce doesn’t refresh the cart when changing the billing email address. If you have a coupon that is restricted by email address you need to do the following:

Go to Settings > WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features and enable the option ‘Update order review on billing email change‘.

Why is the cart not updated after changing the payment method?

By default WooCommerce doesn’t refresh the cart when the customer changes the payment method. If you have coupon(s) that may be added/removed when the customer chooses a different payment method you need to do the following:

On the settings page (Settings > WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features) check the box Update order review on payment method change.

Is this plugin translatable?

Yes, all string values are translatable through the supplied POT/PO/MO files. Currently this plugin has been translated to English, Spanish and Dutch.

Using qTranslate X, the coupon message for Auto Coupons can be translated using shorthand tags, e.g. [:en]This is English[:es]Esto es Español[:].

In WPML translatable items appear in the context woocommerce-jos-autocoupon in “String Translations”.

Translation has been tested with WPML and qTranslate-X.

How do I create a url that adds a coupon to the cart?

That’s easy! First find the url of the landingpage you want the url to link to. For example:


Then append ?apply_coupon=coupon_code


Optionally, to add a product using the same url, you can append &add-to-cart=1234 where 1234 is the id of a product. You can find the id of a product on the WooCommerce Products-page.


Why isn’t my question in this list?

Please visit the support forum if you have another question.

Still have questions?

You have a question about functionality of this plugin? Please fill in the form and we'll answer it for you.

Could be faster. Adds 500ms to ajax calls and loads.

By dailce on September 30, 2019

Could be faster. Adds 500ms to ajax calls and loads. I've been using this for a while, really good plugin, just wish it didn't slow down our site. May be different depending on your theme.


By anantaramdas on September 9, 2019

Just working as expected. Support is really fast

Quick, helpful support

By SocialSpark (socialsparkmedia) on August 6, 2019

I received two answers to my support questions within an hour of posting. Both helpful and complete answers to my questions. Not often this happens in the repository, so I've got to give the dev credit! Thanks!

Great Support

By SeeThrough Web (seethroughweb) on May 23, 2019

We required some custom code to make it work with coupons import and they were very helpful providing a solution.

Great and easy !

By Pat (patrickhaond) on May 23, 2019

Exacty what I wanted. So easy to use !

Great Plugin + Great Support

By brian09 on December 7, 2018

Great plugin and did exactly what I needed. Had a small issue that turned out to be my own fault but the response to my support question was extremely quick and helpful.

Very quick support!

By 4pixels on November 27, 2018

Thanks Soft79 for your prompt reply to what was a newbie question. I'll read the setup docs now.

Brilliant Plugin

By groggy72 on September 17, 2018

So simple and it works

Excellent customer service.

By Vortex11 (VD11) on August 9, 2018

Sent an inquiry regarding a rare use case possibility. It wasn't possible under the current plugin but they're willing to make the customization in a small amount of time for a very reasonable development rate. All correspondence took place within a couple hours of initial inquiry even with a large timezone difference. Very impressed. I deal with plugin and theme developers regularly and VERY few offer this kind of help nor do they do it so quickly.

Amazing and Accommodating Support

By frabie on June 5, 2018

Not only is this an easy-to-use plugin (seamlessly integrates with the core Coupon System even with the Official WooCommerce Smart Coupons Plugin enabled), but the support is phenomenal! Our client had a very specific coupon / free offer requirement and the developers of this plugin didn't even hesitate a minute to assist us with a Child Theme Friendly Snippet to accommodate this request. So many plugin developers just shrug their shoulders when you ask them for help, but not Soft 79. THEY WERE BRILLIANTLY ACCOMMODATING!

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