Changelog: Expiry Dates for WooCommerce

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= 1.3.6
*Release Date – 2021-01-16*
– FIX: Issue with AJAX calls from wp-admin (e.g. product quick edit)
– INTERNAL: Some refactoring/cleanup
– FIX: Deprecation issue get_product_from_item for WC >= 4.4.0

= 1.3.5
*Release Date – 2020-08-27*
– FIX: Improved WooCommerce Multilingual compatibility
– FIX: Invalid stock amount after woocommerce_reduce_order_stock

= 1.3.4
*Release Date – 2020-06-15*
– FEATURE: When duplicating a product, also copy the expiration type

= 1.3.3
*Release Date – 2020-01-19*
– FEATURE: Support for WooCommerce built-in Import/Export
– FIX: wp-admin settings not being saved
– FIX: Expiry date omitted when stock_item quantity is empty

= 1.3.2
– FIX: Stock reduced twice in combination with certain payment gateways
– FIX: FATAL ERROR/Null-reference when adding a variation on product admin page
– FIX: WPML Synchronisation of stock between languages

= 1.3.1
– FIX: Admin renderExpiryDates possible null-reference error if first stock item has index other dan 0

= 1.3.0
– TWEAK: When sorting on ‘Expiry’ hide products that are not on shelf
– TWEAK: Friendly meta values _j79_wcxd_expiries for import/export
– TWEAK: Removed need of meta value _wcxd_expiry_date. Just use _j79_wcxd_expiries for sorting
– FIX: Better handling of expiry dates of variable products
– FIX: Respect ‘display expiry date on order confirmation’
– CLI: cleanup

= 1.2.1
– FIX: Unremoved debugging code caused legacy (pre-WC3) routines to be called
– FIX: Stock amount when backorders are allowed

= 1.2.0
– FEATURE: Expiry dates for variations
– INTERNAL: Refactoring / respecting WC3 API

= 1.1.2

– FEATURE: Added WP Multilang support
– FIX: Calculation of overdue stock when backorders are enabled

= 1.1.1

– ADMIN: Better visualisation of expiry dates / stock at the products admin page
– FIX: Remove expiry dates when quantity reaches zero after stock reduction (if auto_flush_zero_stock_item is enabled)

= 1.1.0

– FIX: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.
NOTE: In combination with WC3.0.0 u/i WC3.0.3 expiry date will not be displayed in order confirmation email.
Please upgrade to WC3.0.4+

= 1.0.1-b5

– FEATURE: WORK-IN-PROGRESS: Shortcode [expiring_product_list] renders a list of all products with an expiry date
– FEATURE: Logging with SOFT79_WCXD()->log( $message )
– FEATURE: Shortcode [expiry_date] renders the expiry date of a single product
– FIX: Fatal error on admin page without managed stock (because function sanitizeStockItem was removed)
– FIX: Upon stock reduction a quantity was added to stock items with empty quantity field
(caused by in-place editing of stock_items; now using clone)
– FIX: Expired items with omitted quantity were not subtracted from purchasable amount

= 1.0.0

– FIX: I18n
– FEATURE: WP-CLI Debugging interface
– ADMIN: Option to enable/disable settings _stock_status to outofstock
– ADMIN: Added Documentation and Settings links to plugins admin page

= 0.9.0-b8

– FEATURE: Add/remove product expiry dates using Javascript
– FIX: SOFT79_WCXD_Admin_Product remove null stock-items
– FIX: Incompatibility PHP < 7.0.0 (dirname second parameters exists since PHP 7.0.0)
– FIX: If quantity is omitted for an expiry date; Use stock – sum(quantities)

= 0.9.0-b6

– FIX: A product with stock quantity > 0 but stock state of outofstock was being modified to instock
– FIX: Set to outofstock when product is overdue
NOTE: …Currently checking for outofstock on save and at midnight; is that good enough?)

= 0.9.0-b5

– ADMIN: Added ‘overdue’ and ‘expiry’ columns to products admin screen. Click it to filter and sort
– CORE: Refactored

= 0.9.0-b4 =

– FIX: Possible crashes if posttype not product
– FIX: Save expiry date on checkout and display expiry date on confirmation email

= 0.9.0-b3 =

– FIX: Expiry date on purchase slip

= 0.9.0-b2 =

– FIX: Expiry Rule was overwritten when reducing stock