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Thank you for your reply. I’ve just emailed you a specification of what we’d need, I look forward to hearing from you. (Here is the email I sent just in case:)

Hi, I was talking to you about the extended coupons functionality, working with samples of flooring tiles products. You advised to contact you through here for a quote for customisation.

What we’d need it to do:

– We have woocommerce products (boxes of flooring tiles).

– We want to give samples of some products. For this functionlity we’re using
the plugin Woocommerce Sample.

– We want each customer to be able to order 2 samples of products for free, then be charged an amount for any further samples they order in the future.

– We want the sample to ideally be automatically applied for the sample, with free shipping, but we want customers to be able to order other products as well (that they have to pay for). So for example, a customer might want to order a free sample of product X, Y and Z, plus order some actual boxes of Product A. However they only get 2 free samples, so they will get X and Y samples for free, but will be charged for sample Z, and product A.

– Or perhaps the customer orders 2 samples a month ago. They come back and try to order another sample, but because they’ve already had their 2 free samples, they now have to pay for any further samples. (We know people will be able to “cheat this” if they really try – it doesn’t need to be 100% foolproof, just the basic functionality of 2 free samples generally speaking).

Please let me know if this is possible, and what you’d charge to work on this customisation. Thank you very much for your time.