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Hi, officially we don’t support the Polylang plugin, but looking at it’s source code there might be a way. I noticed there’s a WPML compatibility mode. Please try this, if you’re comfortable adjusting a bit of php:

1) Enable Polylang’s WPML Compatibility (I don’t know if you need to enable this manually)
2) Open wp-content/plugins/woocommmerce-auto-added-coupons-pro/includes/plugins/WJECF_WPML.php
3) find the following line #23:
if ( isset( $sitepress ) ) {
and replace it with:
if ( true || isset( $sitepress ) ) {
4) Save & test…

Please note that I haven’t tested this, since we don’t have Polylang installed. Please let me know if this works and I might add a tweak to the next release so it will work out-of-the-box.