Sorry maybe I didn’t explain that last example very well $5, $5, $5, $499 would give a discount of $5 as u said it takes the cheapest item from the group of 4 but that is not what we want , and simply said we just want to apply a buy 3 get 1 free typical of a retail store.

For example , you walk in and pick up 5 items , if there’s a buy 3 get 1 promotion , cashiers going to ring in all 5 items (there’s no specific “grouping”) and the one with the lowest cost should be deducted , simple as that , with the rule multiplied for every 4 items . If the customer happens to buy 6 items , lowest priced item should be deducted and the other 5 items would be charged at regular price , if customer buys 8 items , the two lowest priced items would be deducted and 6 items charged at regular price , so on and so forth. We just want to know if the plugin can do this or not ?