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No no, let me explain: Paypal Plus is just the most recent gateway, using the modern REST Api. It’s not so new though, but Paypal lately tries to promote this gateway because it offers more payment options and just is more secure. It’s still 100% Paypal.

The developer of the *official* Paypal Plus Plugin (paid by Paypal) now explained to me, that your plugin seems to hand over free product incorrectly. All our order are above 1,50, that’s not the point. The thing is: If you add one or more free products to the cart *manually* (just imagine a free product being part of the catalogue fr any reason), all works well. Only when a free product is added by the free gift option of your plugin (PRO), the problem occurs. So there must be a difference between how a normal 0 Euro Product is handed over and a free gift is handed over, although it’s actually the same thing. The error massage says “order can’t be processed, the payment id is incorrect”.

This problem is serious, it prevents using the latest “version” of Paypal, so to speak.