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1) I see I missed something there, I just sent you a development version (v2.3.5-b1) which should fix it, please let me know.

2) This is by design, so the customer can change his selection anytime. The ‘select free gift’ will be displayed on the cart page while the coupon is applied.

3) On the checkout page the gift selector will only be displayed if the customer hasn’t selected anything already on the cart page. I guess you already selected a free gift on the cart page while testing, then removed the coupon, and ultimately added the coupon again on the checkout page; the selected gift is remembered. Please clear your cookies and try again.

4) I stopped using caching plugins on WC sites. I had some good experiences with W3, but every once and I while I had issues so I stopped bothering and looked for a faster server and routed all static contents through CloudFlare.