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    Please help me on 2 issues.

    Issue 1,

    I use cart discount coupons but allow only one coupon to be used per order.

    At the same time, I bundle free products with some specific products using your coupon feature.

    Now, this causes the issue that people can either get a free product via coupon or they can use a regular coupon for a discount but don’t get the free product as 2 coupons cant be added together.

    As per your current algorithm, if “Individual use only” is market in one coupon, but not in the other, then in that case customer cant apply 2 coupons together, however, in my scenario for this to work, I need that, even if “Individual use only” setting is enabled in one of the 2 coupons, and user tries to apply both coupons, then both should be accepted.

    How can I achieve this?

    ISSUE 2

    The problem is our customer care receive may users complaining that they are unable apply a First purchase only coupon

    Why this happens? The thing is the customer often add the coupon and clicks place order button but don’t pay immediately.

    Their order gets failed or canceled and then they try to purchase again. When they do that, they cant apply coupon again as their previous order was failed or pending payment or cancelled where they had coupon applied.

    Can you update the algorithm of your plugin in that setting to exclude first purchase only restriction if the customer’s previous order(s) where they used coupon were in failed or cancelled or in pending payment status?



    Issue 1.
    This is not possible with our plugin. There is a plugin called ‘Coupon Exclusions‘ which claims to have exactly that functionality, so maybe it’s an idea to test that one out. I have never tried that plugin so I can’t guarantee it will work in combination with our plugin.

    Issue 2.
    Please download 2.6.2-dev.1 from your account page. It fixes the issue.

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