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    Nice plugin,

    and here are the limits i found and i got stuck with.

    settings: auto coupon from 50 €, once, 5 € discount
    The Plugin blocks my PayPal checkout and tell me:
    The usage limit for vouchers has been reached.
    but still coupon is active and blocks the checkout,
    should be auto removed when email adress is double used for one coupon and the coupon limit is 1 per email adress.

    Coupon is nice auto applied when reach 50 €,
    but it should remove coupon when limit of coupon exeded.

    i used this snippet to reload coupon without success.

    I disabled the plugin for the moment as i use “coupon URL” at the moment and only the auto add coupon function was needed from your plugin. So you can not test, also because it blocks my customers to order a second time. because the plugin also could not removed manually.

    please see picture for the other small issues i found:


    I’ll take a look…


    I can’t reproduce the issue. Can you please try it on a default theme? Are you using plugins that might conflict?

    It’s true that auto coupon’s can’t be removed, this is by design. The ‘remove’ link must not be visible though, what theme and version are you using?

    It’s also by design that for Auto coupons the description is displayed. This allows a friendlier message to be presented to the customer instead of the couponcode.


    Hi Jos,

    not removing the coupon by auto stops my customer from buying.
    flatsome theme.

    please read again and look at the pictures.

    it tooks me a lot of time to create them.

    may you fix and improve usability.


    I’ve read well and understand your issues. Therefore I asked you to try it on a default theme.

    The ‘remove’ link should not be visible, the coupon should be automatically, but it seems you have an issue on your setup. Therefore please try with a default theme like Storefront or Twentysomething.

    You forgot to tell me which version of flatsome you are using. Even better, please send me the WooCommerce System Status Report.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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