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    Kenneth A Gagne

    I have a strange situation where I want the price to go UP — so I’ve made the coupon worth -20 and have set it to trigger if three particular items are in the customer’s cart. However, I can’t get it to auto-apply! If the customer manually applies the coupon code, it works fine. If I change the coupon’s value to make the cart price go down, it auto-applies fine. But auto-applying a negative coupon won’t work. Is this a bug?



    Well not a bug, just an unexpected feature 😉

    for now, just edit line 387 of wjecf-autocoupon.php:


    if ( $coupon->get_discount_amount( $cart_item['data']->price, $cart_item ) > 0 ) {


    if ( $coupon->get_discount_amount( $cart_item['data']->price, $cart_item ) <> 0 ) {

    I will fix this in a future version.

    Kenneth A Gagne

    Yes! I made the change you suggested, as well as on line 269 of the pro edition, and now the negative coupon works perfectly.

    I realize that this is an unusual use of a coupon, and there are probably better ways to do what I’m trying to accomplish. I appreciate you not objecting to that and instead offering this easy fix. Thank you very much.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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