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    Hello, I have the Pro version of your WooCommerce Extended Coupon plugin.

    I’ve noticed that if I have an AUTO coupon active, the field that will allow customers to manually input a discount code is no longer available. I do not have the option that would restrict the application of multiple coupons checked.

    I have 2 auto coupons created: Orders over $45 and orders over $85 allow customers to pick a free product. When this becomes available it is removing the manual coupon field. Customers should be able to pick a free product + use a coupon code.


    Hi Sequoia,

    I just tested your store.

    Something (your theme or a plugin) is adding this snippet into your page source:

    <style type="text/css">
    display: none;

    that’s why the ‘enter promo’ field is not visible. Please revise your theme (e.g. functions.php) or otherwise your plugins.


    Hi Jos, that code is not the issue. The problem is duplicated whether or not that code is present.

    Please check email.



    That code is the issue. It should be removed from your page.

    If I remove it manually (with the debugging tools of Chrome for example) the ‘Enter promo’ field appears.


    Cart page or Checkout Page?

    Checkout page deliberately removes the coupon. This isn’t a recent event. This is how the page is suppose to function for less distracting checkout.

    The problem is on the Cart page. Using Chrome Debug, I am not finding what you are referring to.


    Was able to resolve this with a bit of custom CSS.

    Thanks for the troubleshoot!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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