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    Benjamin Katz

    When testing the auto coupon, it works when I’m logged into wordpress, but gives no indication of working when in incognito mode. Even if I paste in the coupon, I get a message that the coupon has been applied, but it is not the message programmed in the plugin and no discount is actually applied. But it works fine if I’m logged in as admin. Is there a simple solution for this?


    What are the coupon settings?

    If you create a new coupon, e.g. 10% discount, add a code and tick Auto coupon, but set no other settings, do you get the same issue?

    Benjamin Katz

    Hi, thanks for the reply and the suggestion to troubleshoot this.

    Under Usage Limits, I had this setting checked: Check this box to limit this coupon to the first purchase of a customer only. (Verified by billing email address or user id)
    Removing that setting allowed the discount to be seen as applied on the Cart page when the setting were met. So there is something about being verified that changes that point at which a user sees the discount.

    At what point of the process does the user see the discount if they’re not logged in or will just be adding an email to their billing address for verification? Should a user be able to see the discount on the Cart page?

    Here are my other settings:


    • Percentage Discount

    Usage restriction

    • Products Operator = AND
      Added the product that must be in there in order to get the discount
    • Categories Operator = OR
      Added the categories that the discount can be applied to
    • Matching Products
      Minimum quantities = 1


    • Auto Coupon – Checked

    In that case it will only apply once the email address is known. If the email address is known, and was never used for an order then it will automatically apply.

    Benjamin Katz

    When it is known? Does the user have to be signed in?


    The email address is ‘known’ either when the user logs in, or after the customer enters the email address on the checkout page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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