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    Health Care

    We want to have 2 packaged deals of offer to customers.
    Offer Set A:
    If Product R + Product N is chosen, a free N2 product is given to customer

    Offer Set B:
    If Product R + Product F is chosen, a free F2 product is given to customer

    The total price of one set A is $13800+1500
    The total price of one set B is $13800+500

    When a customer buys Set A or Set B, the price information at checkout was calculated correctly. If they buy 1 set, they get 1 free product. If they buy 2, they get 2 free products as per designed above.
    However, the problem happens when they buy both Set A and Set B. The system will issue extra F2 free products not in proportion to the sets designed above.

    We tried deactivating a seperate cache plugin and use only 1 cache from our webhosting.
    We have the following versions installed to wordpress 5.7.1
    Version 5.2.2

    WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon Export
    Version 5.3.2

    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
    Version 3.1.24

    WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO
    Version 3.1.3

    WooCommerce Multilingual
    Version 4.11.5

    WooCommerce Product Bundles
    Offer product bundles, bulk discount packages and assembled products.
    Version 6.8.0

    We tried to setup the above offers to customers using product bundle and coupon.

    The coupon data is as follows:

    Discount type: Fixed cart discount
    Coupon amount: 0, no expiry
    Minimum spend $14300
    No maximum spend
    Products (AND): F, R
    Matching products: minimum quantity 1, no maximum, minimum subtotal $14300
    Usage limits: Unlimited
    Free products: F2, allow multiplication of the free products
    Auto coupon, Apply silently

    Same setup for the other set: Minimum spend $15300, products: R AND N, free product: N2

    Can someone enlighten me what is the solution? Is there bugs in the plugins we use to cause this problem?


    This complex rule is not possible out of the box. If you’re comfortable with PHP you can use the wjecf_free_products_to_apply_for_coupon filter to configure this rule. In this filter you can check the cart contents and set the amount of free products programatically.

    Health Care

    not confident we can input some extra program code correctly to achieve this customisation without example and documentation.
    might try other workarounds

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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