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    I have noticed a bug in BOGO. If someone adds items to the cart, uses the BOGO coupon, then removes the coupon, the coupon is removed, but also the originally purchased items. The free items that were added by the BOGO remain in the cart – still free. So they basically have their original order, only now it is free. Please resolve this problem.

    For example, someone buys 5 apples for $1 each. They add a BOGO coupon. Now they have 5 apples for $1 each + 5 apples for free. Now they remove the coupon. The coupon is gone, but it also removed the 5 apples for $1 each, instead of the 5 apples for free. They still have the five apples for free. So now they have 5 apples for free in the cart, instead of 5 apples for $5 each.

    Please resolve this issue.


    Hi Brian, I couldn’t reproduce the issue.

    Please install the newest version (2.4.0) and see if the problem persist. If it does, please let me know what plugins (and versions) you are using.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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