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    I’m trying to bulk generate coupons and am wanting to disallow current customers from redeeming them (this is a promotion for new customers only).

    I’ve set all of the rules and parameters I want, including ‘Disallowed User Roles: Customer’

    When I export to .csv and scan the table, I don’t see a column for that rule. And when I imported a few of the coupons to test, the Disallowed User Role had been removed. Is this something that can’t be bulk generated or what’s the work around here?

    If there’s a better way to restrict coupons to only new customers, that would be helpful too. When testing ‘Disallow: customers’ if anyone has an account on our site but hasn’t made a purchase, they’re blocked from using the coupon. Not the biggest problem, but ideally it would only check for purchases or even billing info in case a new customer creates registers an email on our site BEFORE making a purchase (we would want them to still be able to use the coupon).

    Thanks in advance!



    customer rules are the custom field ‘_wjecf_customer_roles’. When using the default WordPress importer/exporter it is included in the XML (WXR) file, but the value is stored as php-style serialized data e.g.


    The checkbox “First purchase only” on the usage limits tabs can be used for your scenario. This is exported as field _wjecf_first_purchase_only.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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