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    Rebecca Olson

    Hello – for several weeks I have shown that there is an updated version of the plugin (3.0.7). When I click “update now” from WordPress it acts as if it is updating, and then gives me the success message. However, it does not update – I still have version 3.0.6. After a few minutes, I get another notification that the plugin needs to be updated. This keeps occurring.

    In addition, every time it “updates” it removes the expiration dates from half of my coupons – so I have to go back through and re-add expiration dates so that the automatic coupons don’t apply.

    This is very frustrating. Can you help with this?



    yes I noticed we had an issue on our update server, it would not download the latest version. I fixed the issue on our server, but it can take a couple of hours because of caching. To speed up the process try:

    1) disable our plugin
    2) enable it again
    3) go to Dashboard > Updates and try updating to 3.0.7 again

    About the expiry date being removed… I can’t imagine this being related to the update issue, our plugin doesn’t even manipulate those fields. If you don’t update, do these fields also get removed occasionally?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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