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    Hi. I have a similar issue like the thread by Leland Zaremba.

    “Remove coupon” functionality is broken. When i add a coupon, and try to remove coupon, it reapplies and does not get removed. If i click again for second time, it gets removed.

    Tried with ur plugin disabled, and then it works correctly.


    1. URL:
    2. Add some product and go to cart page
    3. Try applying coupon: MADRE5
    4. Once applied, try to remove. It does not remove on first click, as it is reapplied.
    5. Click for second time. Then it gets removed.

    What can i do? Thx


    For now, and following ur comment in other topic, i have disabled coupon queueing:

    “I suspect the ‘coupon queueing’ feature conflicts with the checkout plugin. If you don’t need this functionality you can disable it from the settings page. You need to temporarily enable debug mode. After disabling coupon_queueing you can disable debug mode and it’s functionality will stay disabled.

    The coupon_queueing allows deferring application of a coupon until it’s restrictions are met.”

    Disabling this make the remove coupon functionality works well.

    But u should take a look on that coupon queueing, as it seems it is not working well under various circunstances.



    Unfortunately with so many plugins out there, not every combination of functionality can work together. Fortunately ‘coupon queing’ can be disabled and fixes the issue.


    Ok, thanx


    Could you please send us the checkout plugin that you’re using to admin(at) We’ll take a peek if maybe there’s a solution.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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