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    We want to exclude certain products from the cart total percent discount, eg sale products, certain categories. If we add a cart total percent discount to the cart value, we want the excluded products, that not will be included in the grand total. For example, the customer buys for 120 €. Of which 20 € is a sale product. We want if your plugin could give the customer a discount for € 100.

    We would like it:
    Coupon 10% discont for cart total, except y product.

    10 pieces x product is 100€
    2 pieces y product is 20 € (excluded product)

    Cart total: 120€

    Discont basic total: 100 €
    Discont: 10€
    Pay: 90€+20€=110€


    Create a coupon of type: Percent discount with a discount amount of 10%
    On the ‘Usage restriction’-tab configure: ‘Exclude sale items’, ‘Exclude categories’ and/or ‘Exclude products’


    I created it in this way. Could I send a video for you? Maybe it could show you better what is my problem.


    Sure, you can paste the url here or send it to admin at


    BIG csigaház barna foltos is the excluded product.


    Please grant access, I’ve requested access with a gmail account.


    I don’t speak your language so I have no idea what the issue is in the video. Please explain in English, and show the coupon settings as well.


    excluded product is Big Csigaház….

    discount 10%

    Cart Total minimum 10.001,- Ft maximum 20.000,- Ft.


    Hi, did you get the last video?


    I don’t have access. I requested access using my gmail account. Please grant access.




    I think you want to restrict coupon usage by the subtotal of the included products?

    In that case, instead of the field ‘Minimum spend’ use the field ‘Minimum subtotal of matching products’ (same for max).


    We have a coupon that, when applied, gives the buyer a discount of 10% of the entire cart. There is one product though, that should be ignored by this coupon. This product is called “BIG csigaház barna foltos”

    The coupon should be calculated like this: We take the total price of ALL products in the cart at checkout. If this product is in the cart as well, we subtract its price. If the result is less than 10 000 Ft, the coupon should not be applied. If the result is over 10 000 Ft, the discount should be 10% of that.


    Set minimum subtotal of matching products to: 10.000

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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