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    Victoria Walters


    We are having a chronic, but sporadic issue with some users reporting that their cart total is wrong after applying the coupon. Sometimes this happens in conjunction with Pimwicks Gift card PLugin, but sometimes on it’s own.

    Unable to replicate the error on our end even when logged in as the customer. Could be conflict with a browser extensions or periodic conflict with other plugins? Can some one help? This has been plaguing us consistently for a few months now, but it doesn’t happen to every user. Hard to find in the logs, very strange. Happy to post anything that would be of use to help narrow down issue.

    Thank you.


    This most probably is a conflict with another plugin. Browser Extension shouldn’t matter since thie cart total is calculated on the server, not in the browser.

    Where does the customer get the invalid value? Please specify whether it’s for:

    1. Cart
    2. Checkout
    3. Cart fragment
    4. Order

    Also, please send your WC System Status Report.


    Oh, and what wrong values do you get? Can you provide a screenshot?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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