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    Free Gift Coupon 299 (minimum spend 299)
    Free Gift Coupon 499 (minimum spend 499)
    Free Gift Coupon 799 (minimum spend 799)

    Above mentioned coupons are automatically applying on CART when regular products(Not MnM or

    sale products) are in Cart and ORDER Value is over 299, 499 and 799 respectively.

    All of the free gift coupon are restricted to apply on “Mix and Match” category. They should

    only be applied to all other products from any category.
    This restriction/exclusion works fine when you’ve only MnM product or multiple MnM products in

    your cart. No such coupon is applied BUT…
    As soon as you add any other product in the cart that is not restricted. The coupons applies.

    We are okay if those coupons are applied the only problem is the cart price calculation.
    When both regular & MnM products are in the CART then Free Gift Coupons should apply only on

    CART by calculating the regular/non-restricted product price only, ignoring the price of MnM


    Whereas what happening is, it calculates the price of both restricted and non-restricted

    product(s) and applies the coupon.

    Could you please look into this issue and help us fix this.
    Thank you.

    You can update me on following email:


    Instead of ‘minimum spend’ use ‘minimum subtotal of matching products’.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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