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    I’d like to change the default message “coupon has been applied” that appears on the product page after using the coupon by url.

    In “Miscellaneaus” I cant set a message when the coupon is still invalid, but if the coupon applies only by adding 1 product, then the user will never see the custom message i set in there, so I’d like to show a custom one when see the product page.

    How to do it? I can’t edit the PO file since the coupon value vary.
    May we add a parameter in the URL for showing that?

    Thanks for your help


    You can use this PHP snippet for that:

      function( $msg, $msg_code, $coupon ) {
        if ( $coupon->get_code() === 'MY COUPON' && $msg_code == WC_Coupon::WC_COUPON_SUCCESS ) {
          $msg = 'You coupon has been applied!';
        return $msg;
      }, 10, 3 );


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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