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    We sell adult tickets and child tickets. We have organised our tickets in categories as we have several pricing tiers for adults and children.
    We need a discount that provide 100% discount on ONE lowest priced ticket when at least one ticket from the adult category and one ticket from the child category are in the cart.

    We have set up with the following:
    100% product discount
    Categori operator: AND
    Child category + Adult category
    Limit to ‘lowest priced product (single item)

    This works appart from when there are more child tickets than adult tickets in the cart. In this scenario i get a discount on the highest priced ticket instead of the lowest priced ticket.

    A scenario could be 2 Adult tickets (priced at 195) and 3 Child ticket (priced 165).
    I would expect a 165 discount, but I get a 195 discount ?

    Any good advise?


    Hi Torben,

    That seems to be a bug! Sorry for that. I just released a fix in Available on your account page.


    the fix solves this issue – thank you for a quick response.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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