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    Riccardo Iacobone

    Hello, I just bought a four-license pack for extended coupon plugin.
    My need is to automatically apply a coupon for a free gift on first purchases. I read that plugin checks email and userid in order to flag them as “new customers”.
    My question is: does this option work also for guest users? Must users be logged in before purchasing in order to have the coupon correctly managed and applied?
    Since we have A LOT of orders made by guest users, is there a way to check *new customers* regardless of whether they are logged in or not?



    Riccardo Iacobone

    Also, i’m having troubles auto-applying coupon.
    If I deactivate the option, and manually apply coupon, everything’s alright; if I activate the option, it can’t manage to get it done right, and even if i manually apply it woocommerce says “coupon successfully applied” but nothing happens.


    The first purchase also works for guest accounts.

    Can you send me the code and settings of the coupon that has issues?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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