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    Chris Colotti

    I have a unique situation with an auto coupon

    My client wants to offer 2 Items AND offer a free option of the SAME items. Unlike a true BOGO, they want someone to order an XL shirt and get another of the same design just in a different size for free. The issue appears to be that if you add the main item, you can choose from the free options of the same, BUT if you remove the main the FREE one remains in the cart.

    I believe this is a bug because the same item is also the included item in the coupon. Basically in this case the usage=the freebie

    Usage Restriction:
    Free Items:

    This is a variable product (shirt). I have even tried listing the free item as the individual variations and the same issue which leads me to a possible bug when the usage Item=Free Item


    Obviously the issue is someone can add an item, remove it, and then get a free item and there is no way to even remove it from the cart. Can this be fixed somehow (quickly)?

    Disabling High Performance mode makes no change either, as best I can tell it’s simply getting confused since the main/free product are the same. Maybe this was never tested for until now?

    As always help is appreciated 🙂


    Hi, I can’t reproduce this locally (I created a coupon with usage restriction product ‘A’ or ‘B’, and free product selection ‘A’ or ‘B’. After removing the non-free product from the cart, the free product also disappears.

    I can’t reproduce it in your store currently. Did you change something?

    Our plugin ignores free products for the Usage Restrictions. Possibly another plugin is causing this behaviour. Do you have any plugins enabled that possibly manipulates the WooCommerce cart?

    Chris Colotti

    I ended up flipping it to a cart discount so it would work live (using the every nth option) just so it would get the desired result (which the every nth works great). This may even be better since people can add 4 items and get 2 “free” with the amount of 2 being discounted. IN fact we are trying to move as much inventory as possible, so for THIS sale it may be better to move 2/4/6 items at a time.

    There are really no other plugins that do cart functions besides shipping, and gift cards that I can think of. This was the only combination that auto coupons never worked for so I was surprised too. Let me see if I can get a staging site up so I can put the original settings back.

    It was super consistent for sure, did the behavior every time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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