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    Hey there,
    I have got a major problem, using your plugin.
    While the coupon requirements seem to work correctly, the free products are not added to the cart.
    Could you help me fixing this?
    Also I have got another little question:
    My customer want 25 percent more product for the coupon. At the moment this is solved by a combination of 8 euros minimum and “Allow multiplication of the free products”. It should give out the wanted free products, but not for a single package. The customer wants a free one for that as well.
    Can you think of a way to realize this with your plugin?

    Best Regards


    Hi Anna,

    Question 1:
    could you please try with a default theme (twenty something, storefront) if the problem persists? Is the coupon itself being applied?

    Question 2:
    In version 2.3.3 of the plugin, which is about to be released soon, I added two filters you can use to change the amount of free products / bogo products to be added. The filters are:

    wjecf_bogo_product_amount_for_coupon( $quantity, $coupon )  // for BOGO products
    wjecf_free_product_amount_for_coupon( $quantity, $coupon )  // for FREE products

    You can apply any logic to change the amount of free products to be added using these filters.

    You can use API function WJECF_API()->get_quantity_of_matching_products( $coupon ) to retrieve the amount of matching products in the cart.

    You can download 2.3.3-b5 (see your account page) to have this functionality already.


    Thank your very much for this reply!
    I will look into using a default theme on a backup, but it is not a really viable option, as we rely much on our current theme.
    The coupon itself is applied, yes, the culprit here is the cart.
    Our website is online under, maybe you can think of an error source, reviewing it.

    Do I get you right about the second one?
    It is a functionality to define the free products e.g. per min. spend-tick, right?
    The problem here for us would be, that we have got several quantities in different products – can I apply multiple filters for one coupon, so I can add 3 free products for products 1 and 1 free for product 2 at the same time?

    Best Regards


    No coupon seems to be applied when adding 8+ euros of products. Have you ticked the box ‘Auto Coupon’? please send me screenshots of the coupon settings.


    No, auto coupon is off. Please try kickstart25ontop as code.
    I will send you a screenshots as soon as possible.


    Please try with ‘allow multiplication’ disabled as well. Or if possible send me admin credentials (preferably to a staging environment) to admin at and I will take a look.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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