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    Mark McKeown


    I just purchased your plugin yesterday because I wanted a plugin that would allow me to apply coupons on a customer’s first purchase.

    My product is free and so the only charge is only ever for delivery which costs 10euros. For a customer’s first purchase I want it to be 100% free, so no charge for delivery either. You can find a screenshot of my basket here –

    I have 2 issues with this;

    – The coupon applies automatically and works well, but the option to pay the 10euros shipping is still shown in the basket. I would really like to hide this entirely but I cannot see an option. I don’t know if this would be an option in your plugin, another plugin or within WooCommerce.

    – You can see in the screenshot above that the coupon applies as an item in the cart, but it says -0euros, which seems a bit pointless. I do want the ‘Congratulations…’ message to appear in the initial bar along the top when the product is first added to the cart, but not in the cart because it doesn’t really make sense to show that when the product is technically free anyway. Perhaps some CSS can fix this though?

    Can you assist?

    Many thanks

    Mark McKeown

    Follow up on point 2, I was able to hide the coupon using {
    display: none;

    So I just need help hiding the flat rate shipping option.~
    I’ve also noticed after a while, the discount seems to disappear, and I have to delete and re-add the product. Is there a known reason for this?



    You can hide the shipping method using a plugin like this: (untested)

    No, there is no known reason for that. Can you be more specific? Can you send steps to reproduce this in your store?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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