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    Heidi Maskelyne

    How To do Percentage Discount on Certain Products in cart

    Only percentage options i have is:
    cart percentage
    sign up fee percentage
    recurring product percentage

    and only product option i have is “fixed product discount”

    so how do i do a “percentage product discount” ??



    Normally in WooCommerce the options ‘Percentage discount’, ‘Fixed cart discount’ and ‘Fixed product discount’ are available as discount types (WooCommerce > Coupons > your coupon > > General) .

    If that’s not the case there must be a plugin activated that changes these options.

    Heidi Maskelyne

    yes these are the options i have but i only want percentage discount on certain products

    Options I Have:

    if i have multiple different items in cart the whole cart is discount not just the products its allowed on

    if i do percentage discount and exclude the only item its not allowed to discount then if the user adds that to the cart the coupon errors and does not apply unless user removes item from cart.

    does this mean i have to add “allowed Categories” ? instead of exclude categories ?


    If you tick ‘exclude sale items’ then these will be excluded. If that’s not the case, please:

    1. Temporarily enable Settings > Extended Coupon Features > Debug mode
    2. Download ‘coupon data as json’ from the Miscellaneous tab of the coupon and paste it here or use


    …WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing-plugin caused this…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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