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    Hi, I bought this product to making it working on shipping methods but it is not working.
    It works on global shipping method but I bought this product for zone:shipping methods.
    Can someone help me ?
    Kind regards


    anyway, if I change the delivery way one the front the calculation is no pmore shown… Please help me:

    there is a discount for bottles of wine if you select (retrait 1h…), if you select another and return on “retrait 1h”, it doesn’t works anymore. (to test please add 6 bottles of wine)


    sorry, it only don’t works with my table rate shipping plugin, how could I do?


    When I select “Retrait en 1H au magasin (gratuit)” I get discount “Remise retrait magasin -9,00€”

    When I select “Livraison de proximité: 7,00€ Proxi course Bouteilles*6” I get discount “remise livraison de proximité -9,00€”

    Can you please explain what is not working as expected?


    let me descibe my issue:
    I have 3 delivery Mode:
    – Retrait 1h… uwsing delivery methode “taking from the store”
    – Proxi course using delivery methode “Table rate”
    – Livraison 48h using the delivery methode “Table rate”

    My wish (this is why I bought the premium version) is to apply a coupon automaticaly with the delivery mode “Proxi course”. But the coupon is not applied and I don’t know why, maybe because of compatibility.
    But if I apply the coupon to the delivery mode “Table rate” it works !!! But the coupon is also applyed to the “Livraison 48h” delivery mode and I don’t want that.

    for the moment I apply the coupon to the delivery mode “table rate” and I disabled the “Livraison 48h” delivery mode waiting for a resolution of my issue.
    Please help me I’m in trouble.

    Kind regards


    It’s possible that the Table Rate shipping adds a prefix to the shipping instance that our plugin can’t understand. Is it possible for you to replace it with a different shipping method? Otherwise, please send me the plugin to admin at and I will have to take a look to what it does, but this will take a few days.


    Yes I have a prefix, the label in the couponzone is “France – Proxi course”.
    I send you the plugin now.
    kind regards


    I can’t send you an email:
    “message content and attachment content guidelines”




    Hi, any update?
    kind regards


    Yes, I’ve sent you an update with WeTransfer yesterday.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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