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    Hi team, great plugin.

    I just have a question though, I am currently running a promo with free gifts, and I am giving the customers the option to pick what gift they want as shown here .

    This works perfectly as customers are able to pick what they want but the issue is that this is NOT a requirement, meaning that even though the option is there, they can still checkout without picking a item.

    So, is it possible to make it so that they MUST pick a item because yes the customer is at fault for not picking the item but some customers may not be computer literate so this would make it a much smoother process as we still want to provide them with the free gift despite them not picking it.

    I would imagine others have this issue as well but may not realize it.



    Well, it used to be required in ‘the old days’, but sometimes this prevented customers from checking out. I do have plans to improve the checkout experience of the plugin and adding an option to make selecting a product (or having a product selected by default) are some of the options on my list. Stay tuned!


    Yes please, Thank u very much!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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