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    Dear soft 79 team,

    We are happy owners of your extension, but I think there is a bug on it when using auto-coupon.
    Sometimes, customers call us to say that “they did not received the free product”.

    After investigations, I found that the label of the coupon is not displayed on the order page. So, the coupon is applied correctly, but I think some user remove it because they do not know what is the line without label.

    It is hard to explain, so you can reproduce by going here:

    Click on big button “60 gélules” then “ajouter au panier”.
    Once there, an auto coupon is applied for a free product and you can validate order by clicking green button “Valider la commande”.

    Then you can see “-0,00€ [Enlever]” with no label before it.
    When a coupon is applied manually, the label of the coupon is displayed correctly.

    When a coupon is configured to be applied automatically, the label of the coupon do not display and some user are “disturbed” and click on “remove”(I suppose) .
    That’s why free product is not set in the bill nor sent to them.

    Could you please confirm the bug and then repair it pretty quickly if it is confirmed please ?

    Best regards,

    Régis Ramillien


    This is not a bug. You need to provide a description for the ‘auto coupon’.

    Additionally, on the settings page you can disable the possibility to remove auto coupons from the cart.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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