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    We love your work, we have had so much success using this plugin to offer people free products when they buy X products, it’s really helped grow our business. So for that we thank you!

    What I’m after is any advise for improving our failure rate of customers selecting their free product. They have the opportunity of picking choosing at the cart (default level) but the issue with this is woo offers to send the customer to the cart or checkout page with each product addition. If the user lands on the checkout page they’re 50% less likely to select a free product or try with a much higher failure rate. It’s not feasible to modify woo to have them goto to only the cart based on our numbers.

    On average we have over a 20% failure rate on customer selecting a free product which means we have to spend more time email customers asking them what free product(s) and variation(s) did they wants.

    This is what we’re hoping to get some advise on fixing. Our offers typically look like this: Buy 2 select 1 free from the 3 options. Buy 4 select 2 from the 3 free options, buy 6 or more select the variation from the 3 free options (variation includes size and color, think of 3 free t-shirt options)

    Solution idea 1:
    Some things we’ve talked about internally is having a popup triggered when the auto coupon is applied vs just the standard notice message we have today. If a auto popup doesn’t seem widely compatible with browsers (mobile and desktop) so this might not be ideal.

    Solution idea 2:
    Have a button asking them to select their free product once the auto coupon is triggered which would attempt to have this done before they try the cart. Keep the message persistent in the notice area until a free product is selected. This seems like a more usable solution than solution 1.

    Solution idea 3:
    This has been mentioned and we agree with Soft79 view of NOT making it required at checkout to select a free product, why would you want to stop anyone from giving you money. What ever we didn’t stop but have an alert prompt option at checkout and or cart that is nagging but NOT stopping them from processing.

    Solution idea 4:
    Once coupon is applied direct them to a specific page that shows the options based on what’s available for the free options. IE like a pre cart page but is only for selecting a free product.

    Again we love and depend on this plugin, we support you and cheer you on for making it better. For us it’s worth the time and effort to work directly with you. Our promos generate 10k+ orders and this creates work on our customer service department for weeks to tracking down what they wanted.

    Any advise, feedback or work that can be done / hire you to address this problem would be greatly appreciated!



    Here are some other attributes the cause a higher failure rate:
    – When server load is high the Ajax method of refreshing is slow, which sometimes / most times customer do not wait for the cart to refresh, so the Ajax approach is pretty bad in this use case. I wonder if something can be done to notify the customer better from a UI perspective to let the know to wait, their product is being added to the cart. When it’s slow due to traffic it almost feels like nothing happens and the user expects that it will be added because the selected the products.

    – not visual indicators that they haven’t selected the problem

    – mobile browsers UI is very poor, meaning the UI takes the majority of the view port, maybe scaling this down so the free products fit in the grid horizontally would improve the presentation.

    – Not having custom content areas to add instructions or details. If we had place orders on the offer to better provide details and instructions might help

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing your input. Again we’re open to working with you in any capacity.

    Feel free to talk directly with me or setting up a slack channel / chat room something or other if that helps fast track things.

    We have a huge end of the year promotion and would love to see the options on improving this.


    The free product selection is fully adaptable by using template overrides. It’s pretty easy to add notifications or popups. The files in the templates directory of our plugin can be copied into YOUR_CHILD_THEME/woocommerce-auto-added-coupons/ and altered. I suggest you hire a javascript/frontend developer for this, they can make it a lot prettier than I would 🙂

    Auto-refresh (AJAX) can be disable by removing the ‘wjecf-auto-submit’ class from the template, but then there’s a chance that people change their free product selection and forgot to press ‘update cart’.

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