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    Over at our development site I’m testing out having three promotions.

    1. For orders over $50, people get a free gift added to cart. Works on it’s own.
    2. All orders automatically get 20% off until the Dec 15th.

    What currently happens because I can’t set the order in which the promotions are suppsoed to run:
    1. I add over $50 of product to the shop
    2. I get a free gift
    3. i see on the subtotal that I get 20% off, which means my total is less than $50, which means that my free gift rule shouldn’t be applied.

    Feel free to test it yourself at

    Can you give me instructions on how to:
    A) Set up a priority system for coupons that are not “Individual use only”
    B) If that isn’t set up, do have a work around, or could this feature be added?

    Over-all, I’m very impressed by your plugin and robust options it offers us, which makes moving my clients site from Magento to WooCommerce a lot easier. Your plugin is much better than the “Free Gifts Coupon” plugin that they sell through woocommerce marketplace, and your built in features that I can restrict any coupon to specific customer roles is why I’m going with this rather than the Mulple Free Gift Plugin Pro – which does have a lot of also great featuers and a really nice design interface.

    Thank you for helping me.


    Hi Gray,

    The order of the coupons is not important in your case. The “minimum spend” works on the subtotal; and does not take coupon discounts into account.

    What about setting the minimum spend to 62,50 until December 15th?


    You’re right that I could set a higher threshold amount, but the issue is that the 20% auto applied ends sooner than the other promotion, so this work-around would require me to either go in on the exact date/time that the 20% promotion ends and modify the min-subtotal amount, or create duplicate coupons that have different dates of being active.

    It still seems like having an option that considers the “subtotal minus discounts” would be a very useful feature since there are other scenarios that make this desireable.

    Let’s say you’re buying 10 of this product It’s $11. That makes your subtotal $110. If you have a 20% off total store auto-applied coupon, that takes off $22. But let’s say you also have a coupon called “ballet” that makes that product 50%. That takes an additional $55.00 off, leaving a final total cost of $33.00. In this situation, we still have the (adjusted) promotion of “get a free gift after spending $62.50” being activated, even though the customer only will pay $33.

    If the 50% coupon is applied first, then the 20% promotion applied, this would yield a total of $44. Which is different than how the logic currently works. I invite you try it out.

    So yeah, in addition to needing a “minimum cart subtotal minus discounts” option, having a “run promotions in this order” does make a real difference.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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