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    Hi soft79 -team,

    my customer is using “WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO” and “WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce (Premium)”.

    It seems that there is a plugin conflict that results in two errors:

    1. After adding composite products to the cart, the product price inside the products table is wrong. (see screenshots)
    2. If you delete the composite product, one component of the product suddenly appears as single product. (see screenshots)

    Both errors are solved, if:

    a) “WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO” is disabled
    b) the option “pro-free-products – Allow free products to be added to the cart” is disabled
    (“Settings” > “WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features” > “Debug mode”)

    I created a Testpage, where you can check it out:

    This bug does not always appear.
    One combination that causes the bugs can be seen on the screenshots.
    Also sometimes it is needed to clear the browser cache.

    I created a full copy of the Testpage with the plugin “​Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin”​.

    Where can I send you the download link?

    Do you have an idea what causes the errors?
    And can you do something about it?

    Thank you!


    If you enable the ‘Free products’ module, but disable the ‘Auto coupon’ module, do you still have the issue?


    Hi Soft79,

    thanks for your fast reply!

    Yes, this also solves the problems.

    But there are no coupons.

    Its a fresh install only with the following plugins installed:

    • Duplicator
    • UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
    • WooCommerce
    • WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO
    • WPC Composite Products for WooCommerce (Premium)

    I could send you a full copy of the testpage.


    If you can give me access to a dev environment that would be great. I need ftp and wp-admin access. You can send the details to admin at .

    I’m not going to create a local instance of the testpage.


    It seems to be caused because the WPC plugin performs multiple ‘add to cart’ operations in a single request, and at every ‘add to cart’ operation the cart is recalculated. Our plugin hooks into ‘after_calculate_totals’ and has a security feature to prevent hooking into ‘after_calculate_totals’ more than 5 times in case of a infinite recursion. In your test environment I increased the threshold of 5 to 20 which fixes the issue for now.

    I need to find a cleaner solution for this, but for now you can use the patched version of our plugin.

    Please test and let me know.


    Hi Soft79,

    I can confirm that your change fixed both errors.

    Thanks for your time and the fast support!
    I appreciate it.

    Will the next updates include your change?
    Or in other words: is it save for my customer to update when the next update is available?

    Have a great day.


    I still have to come up with a permanent solution. I hope to include this in the next release, I will keep you informed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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