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    On the wordpress link for your free version of this plugin ( it states the following under features:

    (PRO) Allow a cart discount to be applied based on quantity / subtotal of matching products

    Unfortunately, I was caught out by the ambiguity of that line, as there is no option to do this, only an option to apply free products based on a quantity that get added automatically.

    My requirements are that for every Product-A && Product-B in my cart, give a $5 (the cost of Product-B) discount. It needs to be added as a discount, and not a free product, as the user is given a seperate option to add the product so that custom product addons can be captured from the single-product screen.

    Please refund me for this soonest.

    Priscilla Whitaker

    I should have visited this forum before purchasing this plugin.

    It happened the same for me, but in my case I understood that for every X products it would increment a X discount until reached the maximum number. It does not do that. The statement is ambiguous and does not do what it says it does.

    I’m going to require a refund as well…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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