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    I have just purchased your plugin looking forward to using all the feeatures.

    Here is a chat between Us i cant get it to work.

    attached a plugin you can use for the randomization. In combination with WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features you can achieve your goal.

    1) Rename attachment to weekly-promo.php

    2) Place in wp-contents/plugins folder and enable the plugin through wp-admin

    3) Create a category with slug ‘weekly-promo’ or change the slug in the .php file

    4) Log in as administrator and go to http://www.yoursite…/?reset_randomize=1

    Randomization should be working now! In the admin you will see the notice when the next randomization shall take place. Every time you use ?reset_randomize=1 the products will be randomized. Automatic scheduling takes place every saturday 00:00 (you can change that).

    good luck!


    I renamed weekly-promo.php

    uploaded to plugins folder and activated.

    created category slug weekly-promo.

    and ran the randomization.

    No products appear in the catgegory.

    As I mentioned earlier I would like the plugin to choose randomly once a week 10 products randomly and give them a 10% discount price. how can I do this.




    I have now added some products to the category weekly promo.

    when i randimize like this

    the products in the catgeory dont change


    Do you see the “Next randomize: 2016-xx-xx. Use wp-admin?reset_randomize=1 to execute randomize now.” notice in your admin interface?

    Please send me shop manager account login to my email address and I will take a look.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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