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    Can you help me edit the FREE ITEM “product removed error message” so we can encourage people to buy more to be eligible again?

    Here is what is going on…

    People reach the $70 threshold and get a free THING added silently to their cart

    If they edit their cart and it falls below the $70 threshold the item gets removed and they get shown a poorly worded message that I’d like to edit.

    It currently says:

    “FREE THING has been removed from your cart because it can no longer be purchased. Please contact us if you need assistance.”

    I’d like it to say this instead:

    “Spend over $70 to receive a THING for FREE”

    Or if that is not possible, simply turn off the ERROR MESSAGE in this instance

    Is this possible?

    I truly hope you can help me make this happen – else we might need to turn off/stop using your great plugin.

    – Fiona


    Actually that is a message by WooCommerce meaning the item can’t be purchased. This can happen if:

    • The item is out of stock
    • the item has no price
    • Anything else that prevents purchase of the product

    Can you please verify?


    Looks like I had left the price box empty instead of setting it to $0 (the item is hidden and only used as a bonus)

    Works great now.

    Thanks for the help and clarification.


    Great. I advise you to set a real price though, in case someone finds out the url somehow and manages to purchase the item for free.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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