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    Hi, After updating my PRO plugin my auto coupons that give free shipping to my flat rate items when FOB shipping cost items are added to the cart are no longer working.

    I’ve tested the issue and the free shipping works fine until I try to restrict by category, then it says “Coupon ‘_______’ will be applied when its conditions are met.” I’ve tried this several different ways and nothing fixes the issue. The Category Restriction is definitely the problem. I was able to get the coupon to work when I restricted it by just product, but that won’t help me since I have over 1000 products this applies to.

    Please help as this auto coupon is very important to my e-commerce site.

    Heather Rohm


    Please temporarily enable Settings > Coupon Features > Debug mode and send us the coupon code.


    Hi, I emailed a reply, but didn’t hear back, so am trying here:

    I enabled debug mode. The auto-coupon codes I am having this issue with are:


    This offers free flat rate shipping for customers who buy flat rate items and FOB or drop ship items so they aren’t double charged shipping.

    In my testing I found:
    1. Free shipping coupons do work other than these with “product categories” restricted.
    2. Auto coupons work other than these
    3. If I only restrict via “Product” (not product category) it works
    4. The only field that seems to create a problem, and of course the one I need the most is when i try to restrict via “product category”
    5. This is an issue regardless of only one category selected, 2 categories with the “OR” operator, or 2 categories with the “AND” operator (2 categories with the AND operator is what i need for these coupons to function correctly.
    5. It doesn’t matter if I am testing “Variable items”, or “simple items” – neither work.

    The other issue I’m having is once I put something in the Restrict Usage tab under “product categories” or “products” field it won’t let me update the fields so they are blank. I can delete everything in the field, but once I hit “Update” at least one item reappears. In this case I will have to trash the “dsfreeflatrate” coupon and remake it since I cannot delete the “product” i put in to test the coupon last night.

    Thanks for all your help on this!


    Here is one of the debug codes:
    {“result”:”ok”,”coupons”:{“11185”:{“id”:11185,”code”:”fob1freeship”,”amount”:”0″,”date_created”:{“date”:”2020-04-06 18:18:23.000000″,”timezone_type”:3,”timezone”:”America\/New_York”},”date_modified”:{“date”:”2020-12-13 03:16:04.000000″,”timezone_type”:3,”timezone”:”America\/New_York”},”date_expires”:null,”discount_type”:”fixed_cart”,”description”:”Free Flat Rate Shipping”,”usage_count”:11,”individual_use”:false,”product_ids”:[],”excluded_product_ids”:[],”usage_limit”:0,”usage_limit_per_user”:0,”limit_usage_to_x_items”:null,”free_shipping”:true,”product_categories”:[1974,1980],”excluded_product_categories”:[],”exclude_sale_items”:false,”minimum_amount”:””,”maximum_amount”:”98.99″,”email_restrictions”:[],”used_by”:[“303″,”349″,”4″,”410″,”442″,””,””,”478″,”303″,””,””],”virtual”:false,”meta_data”:[{“id”:242352,”key”:”_vc_post_settings”,”value”:{“vc_grid_id”:[]}},{“id”:242355,”key”:”selected_images_categories”,”value”:”a:0:{}”},{“id”:242367,”key”:”_wjecf_products_and”,”value”:”no”},{“id”:242368,”key”:”_wjecf_categories_and”,”value”:”yes”},{“id”:242369,”key”:”_wjecf_allow_cart_excluded”,”value”:”no”},{“id”:242370,”key”:”_wjecf_first_purchase_only”,”value”:”no”},{“id”:242371,”key”:”_wjecf_is_auto_coupon”,”value”:”yes”},{“id”:242372,”key”:”_wjecf_apply_silently”,”value”:”yes”},{“id”:242373,”key”:”_wjecf_multiply_free_products”,”value”:”no”},{“id”:242374,”key”:”_wjecf_bogo_matching_products”,”value”:”no”},{“id”:242375,”key”:”_wjecf_must_select_free_product”,”value”:”no”},{“id”:242376,”key”:”_wjecf_select_free_product_message”,”value”:”Please choose your free gift:”},{“id”:242377,”key”:”_wjecf_allow_enqueue”,”value”:”yes”},{“id”:242378,”key”:”_wjecf_custom_fields_and”,”value”:”no”},{“id”:242379,”key”:”_wjecf_apply_discount_to”,”value”:”all”},{“id”:242380,”key”:”_expiration-date-status”,”value”:”saved”},{“id”:242381,”key”:”slide_template”,”value”:”default”},{“id”:427167,”key”:”_wp_page_template”,”value”:”default”},{“id”:427168,”key”:”allowed_brands”,”value”:[]},{“id”:427169,”key”:”excluded_brands”,”value”:[]}]}}}


    Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t receive notifications for this topic. Unfortunately debug is disabled again.

    Can you please test this with the mentioned coupon?

    1. Disable our plugin.
    2. Add items from the categories to the cart
    3. Try applying the coupon, does this work? Same failure message?
    4. Enable our plugin.
    5. (If the coupon was applied succesfully in step 3) is the coupon still applied?

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