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    Jonathan Moore

    I have a query about the behaviour of coupons with fixed value and restricted usage.

    – Fixed basket discount 50
    – Usage limit per coupon 1
    add item worth 5 to basket, apply coupon and checkout.

    Desired outcome: remaining coupon value of 45 should be usable
    Actual outcome: coupon is marked as already used

    Is it possible to change or override this behaviour?
    If it is not currently possible or desirable to change the default behaviour, could a filter be added so users can override the behaviour.

    The logic would be,
    If the coupon (usage_limit==1) && (discount_type=’fixed_cart’) && (cart_value < coupon_amount)
    //don’t mark the coupon as used, instead decrease the coupon amount

    .. unless you have any other suggestion!


    Usage limit can not be used to limit the coupon value for a next-time-use. This is only possible by creating a custom plugin or script in functions.php

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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