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    Michael Vo

    I want to offer free products at $100, $150, and $299 spend. I want these to auto-apply even if the customer uses another coupon code.

    I set up 3 different coupons, 1 for each price level and checked ‘Auto coupon’. I have ‘Individual use only’ empty.

    My problem is some of my customers are using multiple coupons because all of my coupons have ‘Individual use only’ empty. But if I check ‘Individual use only’ on my other coupons, the free gifts don’t appear.

    I hope this makes sense and really would appreciate any help.



    Instead of ‘individual use’ you can use tiers like this:
    min – max: 100.00 – 149.99
    min – max: 150.00 – 298.99
    min: 299.00

    Michael Vo

    I have set it up that way for the 3 free gift coupons. The first coupon is 100-149.99, the second coupon is 150-298.99, and the third is 299+.

    These auto apply if the cart conditions are met because I want to offer the gifts even without having to use a coupon.

    Is there a way to exempt certain coupons from being used together? Or is there a way to allow only certain coupons to be used together?

    It seems like they can either all be used together or all be used individually only.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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