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    i created a custom field with the toolset plugin: it’s a dropdown custom field named “wpcf-automatic-discont” and its values are strictly numeric, and they can be “5”, “10”, “15”… until “50”.

    this way i determine not only that a product has an active custom discount, but also the amount of it: it’s pretty clear that the value “20” means that the discount of this particular product is 20%.

    now i need to use this custom field and its values to create a set of automatic discont coupons, each one differing from the others only on the amount of the discount: so i create one automatic coupon for each discount i need (“5”, “10”, “15”… until “50”), and the trigger is: use the custom field “wpcf-automatic-discont” with the valude i need – e.g.: the 20% automatic discount is based on the “wpcf-automatic-discont” field with a value equal to “20”.

    AFAIK this should work, but it doesn’t: am i doing something wrong?



    Sounds like it should work. Does de coupon get applied? If not, what error message do you get if you apply it manually?

    Can you send me screenshots with the settings of such a coupon?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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