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    Lennert Stock

    Hi Soft79,

    I found the following bug in variable products. I’m using the latest versions of Exipre dates, WordPress and Woocommerce.

    I have a variable product with a variation not in stock.
    I get new stock, and enter the expire date and amount at the variation, notice that woocommerce’s stock input field is updated with the right amount, and then I update the product.
    I go to the product on the front end, and the variation is still out of stock!

    I enter the product editor again, and the date and amount are correct, all looks ok. I click the checkbox to disable stock management, and there the product status select box is set to “Sold out”. I select “In stock”, click the checkbox again to enable stock management, click save, and it’s in stock at the front end.

    I noticed elsewhere when I edit a normal product and add an expire date and amount, woocommerce’s input field for the amount in stock is updated, but the big update button for the product remains grayed out. If I focus and edit woocommerce’s input field, the big update button becomes active.

    So my wild guess is Expiry rules must fire some woocommerce javascript update event to let the product know it has been updated, as filling the woocommerce stock input field doesn’t do the trick.



    I tried to replicate this issue, but it works fine when I replicate it. After saving the product and before testing on the frontend, did you refresh the page on the frontend?

    If not:

    – What version of our plugin do you use?
    – Can you maybe send a video or screenshots displaying this issue to admin at You could use PSR.exe (Problem Steps Recorder) on Windows for this.

    Lennert Stock

    If you do the same with a variable product without variations, do you have the same issue?

    1. Set ‘Out of stock’ with stock management disabled
    2. Set to a stock of 0 with stock management enabled
    3. Change stock to 1 with stock management enabled

    Now is the product purchasable on the frontend?

    Lennert Stock

    A variable product without variations? Did you mean a Simple Product? It doesn’t have the bug with simple products, same scenario in the video leads to a purchasable product on the frontend.


    Sorry, I meant a variable product without expiration. It was a slip of the keyboard…

    Lennert Stock

    Ah, yes I checked those, but those go fine. Here your plugin isn’t involved so that led me to believe it’s the expiry plugin.


    What plugins do you have active?

    Lennert Stock

    Acumulus: door Buro RaDer – 8.1.1

    HTML in Category Descriptions: door Arno Esterhuizen – 1.2.3
    Autoptimize Pro Add-on: door optimizingmatters
    futtta –

    Autoptimize: door Frank Goossens (futtta) – 3.1.10
    Burst Statistics – Privacy-Friendly Analytics for WordPress: door Really Simple Plugins – 1.5.3
    Change wp-admin login: door wpexpertsio – 1.1.8
    Classic Widgets: door WordPress Contributors – 0.3
    Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) premium: door Really Simple Plugins – 7.0.4
    Complianz – Terms and Conditions: door Really Simple Plugins – 1.2.7
    Easy Auto SKU Generator for WooCommerce: door Dan Zakirov – 1.1.8
    Discount Rules and Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce: door Discount Team – 8.4.0
    Flexible Shipping PRO: door Octolize – 2.17.2
    Flexible Shipping: door Octolize – 4.24.7
    Google Listings and Ads: door WooCommerce – 2.5.14
    GTM Kit: door TLA Media – 1.18
    Homepage Control: door WooThemes – 2.0.3
    Jetpack Boost: door Automattic – Jetpack Site Speed team – 2.2.1
    Jetpack Protect: door Automattic – Jetpack Security team – 1.4.2
    Jetpack: door Automattic – 12.9.3
    Kiyoh Customerreview: door kiyoh – 1.0.30
    MailPoet Premium: door MailPoet – 4.41.0
    MailPoet: door MailPoet – 4.41.0
    Mollie Payments for WooCommerce: door Mollie – 7.4.1
    Really Simple SSL: door Really Simple Plugins – 7.2.1
    Redis Object Cache: door Till Krüss – 2.5.0
    ShortPixel Adaptive Images: door ShortPixel – 3.8.2
    SOFT79 Vervaldatums for WooCommerce PRO: door Soft79 – 1.6.0
    Stock Exporter for WooCommerce: door PT Woo Plugins (by Webdados) – 1.2.0
    Storefront Blog Customiser: door WooCommerce – 1.3.0
    Storefront Footer Bar: door WooThemes – 1.0.4
    Storefront Mega Menus: door WooCommerce – 1.6.2
    Storefront Powerpack: door WooCommerce – 1.6.3
    Storefront Product Sharing: door WooCommerce – 1.0.6
    Storefront Reviews: door WooCommerce – 1.0.6
    Two Factor Authentication: door David Anderson
    originele plugin door Oskar Hane en verbeterd door Dee Nutbourne – 1.14.17

    WC Hide Shipping Methods: door Rynaldo Stoltz – 1.5
    WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration: door WooCommerce – 1.8.12
    MyParcel: door MyParcel – 4.22.1
    PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce: door WP Overnight – 3.7.5
    PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce – Professional: door WP Overnight – 2.15.3
    WooCommerce Product Bundles: door WooCommerce – 6.22.5
    WooCommerce Product Search: door itthinx – 5.1.1
    WooCommerce: door Automattic – 8.4.0
    Yoast SEO Premium: door Team Yoast – 21.7
    Yoast SEO: door Team Yoast – 21.7
    Mail logging – WP Mail Catcher: door James Ward – 2.1.6
    Widgets for Google Reviews: door – 11.3
    WP Rocket | Deactivate WooCommerce Refresh Cart Fragments Cache: door WP Rocket Support Team –
    WP Rocket: door WP Media – 3.15.6
    WP Rollback: door WP Rollback – 2.0.5
    Yoast SEO: WooCommerce: door Team Yoast – 16.0


    Could you spin up a test/staging environment for me? That would really help. You can send details to admin at


    Maybe you could temporarily disable Redit Object Cache and WP Rocket and try again.

    The other plugins should be fine…

    Lennert Stock

    We have a staging environment, I’ll have access for you setup next week. I’ll check there with Redit Object Cache and WP Rocket disabled first.

    Lennert Stock

    I sent the details for staging to your admin email address, let me know if you didn’t get these.

    This is a good product for testing:



    Please, also include ssh credentials.

    Lennert Stock

    Unfortunately we cannot give ssh access because of the security setup.

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